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8. května 2012 v 13:39 | Ririan A. |  ◘ About me..
Hello, wanderer, my name is Michaela, you can call me Ririan A. I'm 15 . I'm unsocial, wistful, sometimes too shy and silent at other times I was brash and bad until you get to know me better. I'm a very good girl, to be honest, but if you try to hurt me or someone I love (which, believe me, is even worse) I may become a real bitch.

I'm too interested in painting, reading and theatre and I adore music, despite I cannot sing or play any instruments. I can sit in the corner of an all smoked up cafe, listening to good music, smoking and drinking something (alcoholic, if possible) and writing poetry.. and this can be enough to make me happy. II'm inclined to vulgarity, though I'm usually delicate.I drink and I smoke, but I don't use drugs and I don't need that. Likes I love: The rain, the storm,the wind, laugh, life, people... Photography,Smoking.. Boys with a guitar, Skelanimals, Parties, Strange people, My friends-people that realy care about me and respect that I have my own opinion about everything,piercings,tattoos,the smell of rain,cookies,sugar,neon,happy faces,cute things psychology,sarkasm,:) Dislikes I hate the weariness that is replaced from time to time by the violence that destroys me. The hatred in my soul, the dead in my spirit, love to oblivionbeing alone,clowns,orange,bananas,bad make up,people that ignore me while Im telling something,bad moods.,people with an huge ego,it irritates me:) I love revenge(I'm only human),I usualy dont get it though... Wanna be Aff? ♥

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1 © Kl[ér] © Kl[ér] | Web | 8. května 2012 v 13:43 | Reagovat

Bylo by lepší kdyby byl článek napsaný česky, jelikož nejsem zrovna dobrá angličtinářka, ale doufám že se ti s blogováním bude dařit:) Momentálně nespřáteluji, ale jakmile začnu, určitě se ozvu. :)

2 Mishelle Vengeance Mishelle Vengeance | Web | 8. května 2012 v 13:47 | Reagovat

škoda že ti nerozumiem... :D

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